COVID-19 HKU Reminiscences

Since early 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the University of Hong Kong community and how it functions. The University Archives is interested in documenting this time period as a research resource for future generations. To that end, we encourage HKU students, staff, faculty, and alumni to fill out the following form telling their stories on how COVID-19 has impacted them.

Your submissions can be in any language and we are happy to accept text, audio, video, images, or art. If you have physical objects documenting HKU during the pandemic you can contact Collections Archivist Ryder Kouba at to discuss a donation (or any other questions you may have).

More information on the University of Hong Kong Archives can be found at our website: Additionally, finding aids describing some of our holdings can be viewed at:

    So that your donation is useful to researchers in the future, please review the following statement about copyright and access to materials:

    I am the creator and copyright owner of the donated materials. I retain full ownership of any and all copyrights that I currently own in the donated materials, but I grant the University of Hong Kong a nonexclusive right to authorize all uses of these materials for non-commercial research, scholarly, or other educational purposes in accordance with a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-commercial license (

    Yes, I am the creator and copyright owner of the submitted materialsNo, I am not the creator and copyright owner

    Thank you for donating your files to the University Archives. This form accepts common file formats (e.g. pdf, txt, doc, docx, jpg, mp3, mp4, etc.) though the file limit size is If you have more than five files, or more than 25 mb total please consider zipping them into one file, or contacting about transferring them.